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Immigration Lawyers in Southend

Link-Law Associates successfully manage a variety of client work and immigration applications and provide strategic immigration consultation to a variety of major companies across all sectors. Unlike other practices, we only specialise in immigration law, allowing us to invest all of our time and efforts in this important work.

Private Client

Link Law has assisted many people with a range of immigration matters including applications required for work, study and settlement. We are mindful to sensitive issues related to Discretionary Leave and Asylum. If you have already submitted an immigration application, we can guide you through the appeals process, resolve complex legal matters or provide tribunal advocacy in matters related to EU law.

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Corporate Client

Having advised on immigration matters for many years, Link-Law Associates has experience with a wide range of corporate immigration issues. We have supported a number of high profile companies to ensure compliance with recent changes to legislation, particularly those related to the requirements under legislation related to hiring immigrants.

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In the News

What Brexit could mean for EU migrants

If you're an EU migrant worker in the UK, a post Brexit future is still murky. 

What Brexit could mean for British Citizens

Most of the Brexit debate is taken up by topics like immigration and the sheer monetary cost of membership – with little coverage of the effects on British citizens. Read on to find out how a Brexit vote could affect you.

What Brexit could mean for your business

Half of the UK’s trade rests in the EU – a Brexit vote could see the remaining member states put up more of a fight when dealing with us. Even if your business isn’t tied up with Europe, you could be affected. 

What Brexit could mean for Britain

With the date of the Brexit vote quickly approaching, one of the main concerns of the British public is a lack of information about what the effects of leaving the EU could be on Britain. Interest in this debate has swelled since the last election: with the topic of immigration being one of the biggest focuses.

Immigration Rule Changes from 6th April

The Home Office recently published a Statement of Intent setting out the government’s response to the Migration Advisory Committee's recommendations on the Tier 2 Codes of Practice, as well as detailing other immigration related changes.

Immigration Rules will stop 30,000 relatives moving to the UK

The Home Secretary maintains there is no absolute right to family life in the UK and she will ask MPs to back her today by passing a parliamentary motion, pressuring judges to consider economic and public order before rights to family life - a right guaranteed under the European convention on human rights.

Theresa May to split up UK Border Agency

Home Secretary Theresa May has said the UK Border Agency will be split in two following revelations that hundreds of thousands of people were let into the country without appropriate checks.


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